Piping the Pipe Dream

By Monica L. Dashwood

Have you ever held a precious dream so tight that you only let a small few, coddle it?  Have you ever uttered your dream out loud, only to hear your inner critic say, “yeah, well that’s just a pipe dream! So, shut up and take your vitamins.”

Pipe dreams.  I can just hear the late George Carlin now having a field day with that one.  “Hey, you moron!  What’s a pipe dream, anyway? And why pipe dreams, why a pipe?  Why not a wrench? Or a nossle? Or a faucet dream.  Why pipes?”

Yeah, why pipes? 

Anyway, I digress.  I moved to the Sonoma Wine Country with a nossle dream of my own.  A simple dream–creating the real deal, designing it from the ground up, a one day at a time dream.

Like winemaking, I learned dreams take time, requiring tons of patience, the right amount of stirring, solid knowledge, twisted humor, plenty of sun, and of course, good timing.  Oh, there is the funding aspect, but not all dreams have to cost a load of money.  Look at Mark Zuckerberg, founder of The Social Network….

So outside of my day job, consulting, volunteering, parenting, blah, blah, blah, I strive to live the simple life in the wine country, as a journal and blog writer, as a small time, amateurish and romantic winemaker, (I must have romance!), as a mother of two boys, and perfect wife–HA!, and here’s the biggy–as a spiritual human being!  That’s all I ever wanted–besides having a healthy retirement plan.  And ain’t that enough? 

This blog is about my days in the Sonoma sun, as blog writer, winemaker, mother and aspiring Dali humana.  How’s that for setting myself up for failure?  But seriously, if I can’t live in the awakening moments of simplicity, life’s absurdity and joy, what’s the point in all this dreaming and daily musing?

This blog is about the nature of nebulous, unnerving transition to purply butterfly-winged transformation, from scraggly vine to robust wine.  It’s about change you want in your life.  You just have to be okay with the powdery mildew that’s going to creep up from time to time and try and ruin your crush.  That doesn’t mean you won’t end up with a good harvest.

I learned that if you nurture your life and dreams long enough, you’ll realize that happiness lives right under your feet, and that you’ll have yourself your own exquisite bottle of Opus One to share with friends and family before you know it!

4 thoughts on “Piping the Pipe Dream”

  1. I’d read anything this woman puts out there for consumption; always inspiring and always helps me with my own aspirations. I’m looking forward to the next installment! So glad you are blogging Monica.

  2. This is cool, Monica. I really don’t understand blogspots. Do you just post something every day and people come over to it to see what you posted? Or do you send it out to them? I rock on Facebook but don’t know much about blogspots. Can you put this on the agenda for the Saturday meeting?? (just kidding!)
    Love you,

  3. So hey, I stumbled across your fine Wine Country blog while sittin on a frozen CTA bus in Chicago a couple days ago. Our less than brainy driver got us stuck on LSD (that’s Lake Shore Drive for you West coast potheads) and left us to fend for ourselves while the cab filled with snow. Nice of him to leave the door open ha? So I figured, hey, good time to break out the WiFi while I wait for the recue plows to come.
    Your life out there sounds pretty good from where I sit, on my snow filled frozen plastic bus seat. Vines, wine, movies, warm weather, quoting from that Dali Rumi guy (I think he’s from Naperville by the way) who seems pretty smart on the ways of life. The misses turned me on to him. So hey, keep it comin, it gives us hope out here on the flatlands. And we will raise an Old Style, the Opus One of the Midwest, in honor of your fine words of wisdom. Cheers. Joe.

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