Friends of the Garden

When I moved to the wine country in 1998, I fell in love with the land, with the breathtaking views of the rolling hills, with our plantation styled home nestled in the corner, surrounded by vineyards, Redwood and cherry blossom trees.  It is here that I grew closer to nature’s ways, cultivating an endearing friendship with the garden, towards living things, gentle and quiet in demeanor.   

Approaching March, my mind’s eye turns to the garden–day dreaming about what lies ahead.  Having planted (thanks to my husband) over 30 types of flowers, I will soon snap out of my daydream to a plethora of flowers, an explosion of color, blending in with our pink vineyard blossoms. 

Flowers!  I love what the French writer Colette once said, “How can one help shivering with delight when one’s hot fingers close around the stem of a live flower, cool from the shade and stiff with newborn vigor!” 

With flowers, you know who your friends are.  What you see is what you get.  No conditional behavior, no trivial outbursts, no drama.  Just genuine acceptance and silent perfection in living color, waiting to be tended to, watered, admired.  

Our first friends of the garden will make their arrival with purple Petunias, pink Agapanthus, Rock Roses, red hot Geraniums, mellow pink Alstromerias, magenta Snapdragons, white and lavender Calla Lilies, blue Morning Glories, orange Day Lilies, white Daisies, multi-colored Gladiolas, Lavender bushes, red Salvias and Camellias, Mexican Sage and Evening Primrose, Yarrow, Butterfly Lilies, Jasmine, Wisteria, Crate Myrtle, Violas, Paper Whites, Yellow Daffodils and Red Dahlias–ready to raise their glorious heads.  There’s more, but you get the splendor.

Willa Cather wrote, “Beauty is the sense of life and the awe one has in its presence.”  In the garden, young and old can marvel at nature’s wonders, flowers bloom sharing their significance on this planet in a small and beautiful way.  

I feel younger in my garden as I know my mother and father do.  I feel more alive staying outdoors until the moon greets the sun.  Where I star gaze at the brilliant diamonds in the dark lit sky until dawn breaks once more to the opening of a flower.

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