Worlds of Understatement

All is quiet.  Rain falls, stills, hushes the mind;  The sun is slow to break open the day.  The morning silence nurtures the heart, sharing a natural rhythm.  Wisdom from the garden whispers a language of universal oneness, deepening my relationship with the sacred, with the slow unfolding moments of time, with the extraordinary gifts found in an ordinary day.

I breathe it all in, savoring every fine detail of the understated life.  I gaze at the newly placed purple orchid, fierce yet, delicate holding prayer on my nightstand.  I drink in the moment when my 9-year old son places his small, soft hand into my own as we walk to his ball game.  I listen to my mother’s voice over the phone as we make plans for Easter.

In my writing sanctuary, I relish in Antonio Machado’s poem, pasted with purpose above my desk.  I read his delicate, soft spoken words, this beloved Spanish poet full of song.  I fall into the sound of silence once more and am fully alive.

The poem reads, “My song never strove for glory, nor to linger in the minds of men; I love worlds of understatement, weightless and delicate as soap bubbles.  I like watching them paint themselves with sun and grain, float beneath the blue sky, quiver suddenly and break.” 

Peace, joy, sorrow, they live with a fullness in these worlds of understatement.

2 thoughts on “Worlds of Understatement”

  1. “Understatement” – this is an interesting word and concept. Too often I think we strive for complexity vs. simplicity. Your writing, Monica, is lyrical describing complex concepts with clarity and simplicity. The reader is “led” through the words you use to enjoy with you those moments and observations in your life that are important to you. Thanks for your open and candid ways of sharing.

  2. Yes…lyrical. I find can almost hear the words whispering to me their meaning woven together with a felt sense of both gentleness and power.

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