The Making of a Home

My mother and father were masters at making a house a home.  No green grass grew under their fast and furious feet to ensure a full, fun, free existence for my brother, sister and I.  Childhood memories flood my mind, fill my heart as I place greater attention and care on the making of our house, a home here in the wine country.  

After living in our homestead for 13 years, a makeover was clearly in order.  There was something in particular, in character that I wanted to create for our home, but I didn’t know exactly what it was at the time: warm, yes; inviting–of course, but I wanted something more.  Slow but sure, we were bringing, this well-worn, good and tired home back to life, back to its core purpose. 

The paint looked old, chipped, faint to the eye.  For a year, Dan and I have been painting each room of the house (not without the muttering of profane words under our breath) to bring rich color and newness to our walls.  For the kitchen and downstairs bathroom, we chose a sage green color.  The t.v. room displays a delicious brown bag color.  For our foyer, we went with a deep port red and brown bag accent.  For our dinning room, a whimsy beige. 

Upstairs, I converted our loft into a Santa Fe styled setting with adobe clay textured paint.  We painted our master bedroom a soft yellow to go with our cherry wood furniture.  My son’s room is a Labrador Blue and brown.  Would you believe, I painted the white gutters above our garage as they showed rust and dirt for everyone to see?  I had to get rid of that!  What would people say?  And I couldn’t look at the brown on white stains one more day.

The long project list continues: staining the deck a redwood tint; going through belongings we have grown out of, whether it be physically, mentally, or spiritually: clothes, toys, books, etc . I know these possessions would best serve another family, another household than ours now. 

I realized, after all this painting and discarding that what makes a house a home for me is the peace and understanding that dwells inside it.  I always dreamed of living in a home, like I have now–sunny and soulful, but my real dream house had to breathe peacefully inside these four walls to be called home. 

I smile, facing the good, bad and ugly of this life and know that I can find solace and serenity in this corner spot of Sonoma we created with family, friends, pets, the garden all here to bring peace and life to each day.

“He is the happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home.” –Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (German Playwright, Poet and Novelist)


3 thoughts on “The Making of a Home”

  1. I agree that our homes can bring solace and serenity especially enriched through the beauty of the garden and the thoughtful decisions we make regarding interior colors and meaningful decorations. It always feels safe and rewarding to enjoy our homes and to feel welcome back when we travel away. Not sure who said it, but, “there’s no place like home.” And, living in the wine country has an additional pleasure for those of us who are fortunate to live here. The peaceful beauty of our surroundings nourish our souls and enrich the very essence of who we are.

  2. Reading Monica’s experiences living in sONOMA,I can easily agreed with her;and even if I do not live
    there but visit as much as I can. Yes, the inner center of our souls experience a dosis of peace
    that it is esencial to our well being. I go trough other comunities near home that sometime don”t
    have streets lined with tress..How do they manage to keep their inner pleace?so I think they live
    in a constant state of strees…Everybody should live in the Wine Country or in comunities full
    of grown trees, gardens with flowers and deprived of Mini Malls that they are all the same.and most of them olain ugly….
    Mary Sinatra.

  3. As one who experienced the great feeling of welcome, comfort and warmth in your childhood home, I am still filled with happiness at the memories almost forty years later. Love Deb

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