Words Fall Short

I wake to the Morning Glories, blue in mood, heads down, slowly opening to honor those who suffer in Norway.  

I wake to the Roses lamenting, their soft velvety pedals falling to the garden floor, paying homage to those who have died there.  

I take to the Redwood trees standing stoic in silence, their branches praying in the breeze.  

Flowers remind me of a gentle thing, man can not fight.

Nature’s gentle ways ground me, as words fall short today on this easeful Sunday in Sonoma, knowing that is not the case for many in Norway, for many in this world. 

Words fall short.

2 thoughts on “Words Fall Short”

  1. Hi Monica

    This lyrical and poetic entry provides a spiritual response to the violence that Norway has experienced. It also applies to other world/U.S. tragedies: hunger in Somalia, civic wars in Dafur, dysfunction of the U.S. Congress and national leaders.

    Nice job.


  2. Beautiful way to use words to express the inexpressable, when indeed, words do fall short. Dawns on me that this is a definition of poetry….which your words are.

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