The Time to Heal

I spent the weekend planting Dahlias, Celosias, and Heather in my garden boxes and baskets.  I devoted hours tending to the vineyards, craving nature’s quiet touch and wise ways more than ever before. 

After spending four days in the Oakland Children’s hospital, putting a close end to my son’s esophageal disorder, and witnessing (and hearing at night) the howling and suffering of ill children, I needed the sun and soil for solitary nourishment. 

As I walked the rows of vineyards, I could see the grapes were late in turning a plump purple.  The cool summer weather delayed their natural inclination to ripen, to turn to wine.  They needed space.  They needed more sun.  They needed time.  I cleared the crowded leaves, sheltering the grapes from the sun, and admired the robust clusters of green with hints of shaded purple.  I remember Galileo’s quote:  “The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent on it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do.” 

After watching my son struggle to eat for the past four months, I needed what the grapes needed. Sun. Time. Health.  Healing.  If there is one thing the hospital environment openly teaches and the doctors and nurses tirelessly demonstrate is that health is king.  Wholeness demands an imperative return to the basics:  Proper treatment, balance and order, adequate sleep, good nutrition, substantial rest, moderate exercise, and time to heal.  Time.

With the financial turmoil taking place throughout the world and this persistent political in-fighting disease growing in our very own  country, perhaps this is what America needs–a return to the basics, a call for the simple, healthy living, and time, the time to heal. 

One thought on “The Time to Heal”

  1. So glad to have you and Nicolas at home where both of you and your whole family can gain strength from each other and from the natural elements around you. I have come to believe that health is the most important thing, but not necessarily health of the physical body, but health that comes from love and the freedom found in uncovering one’s natural being, one’s “soul” in becoming more fully yourself.

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