Tending to Your Vital Heart

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It was Rumi, the Sufi poet of the heart who said, “Let the beauty of what you love, be what you do.”  Given that I am blazing a new pathway for myself as writer, gardener, and winemaker, Rumi’s words serve as my compass.  “Tend to your vital heart, and all your worry will be dissolved.” 

Rumi’s words have a moving, musical quality that lull me into the sweetest songs of love, truth, and knowing–where the heart is to be confided in first, and the head is heard, a far second.

Rumi says, “You are a song, a wish-filled song.  Move to the center, towards the sky and wind, towards silent knowing.” 

Silent knowing is love.  When I tend to my writings, non-profit service, family and friends, wines, and garden with true intention, presence of mind and time, I let the beauty of what I love, be what I do.  What I wouldn’t do to put that on my resume!  

I wish Rumi’s wisdom and poetry were taught in school.  Would we not be a more peaceful and loving society?  Who is teaching us, young and old to tend to the heart, the vital heart, the language of love. 

My heart, this vital organ and soul container beats for me until it doesn’t any more.  It deserves honesty.

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