Peaceful Essence: It’s the Little Things

As I run here and there, knowing that the next five weeks are going to be busy with the  Christmas and New Years’ holidays, I pause to take notice of the things that make life in Sonoma, beautiful and this time of year, joyful. 

It’s the little things: the hot cup of coffee (freshly dripped) that I bought this morning from Sonoma’s Best, a local market around the corner from my home.    

It’s my two cats, Martha and Sosa, sleeping together in the cold night air in their bed; 

It’s the Mum flowers on my coffee table, the angel on the mantlepiece, the pumpkin spice candles all in a row, with every little thing in its loving place. 

I immerse myself in the little things these days, to hear, smell, touch, feel it all.  I am alive and grounded in what my close friend calls, ‘Peaceful Essence,’ the place where I appreciate all that I have. 

I rest on Mother Teresa‘s wings and words today,“There are no great things, only small things with great love.”  

2 thoughts on “Peaceful Essence: It’s the Little Things”

  1. Wow I love it!! I was transported to Sonoma!! And reminded by my grandmother’s favorite saint Teresa.. that it’s the little things~~ that we love, that we miss, that we cherish in the end…

  2. Hi Monica

    Although your descriptions are clear, adding the picture of your living room added that extra “special touch.” At the moment, Sonoma is gorgeous especially with the warm weather – although it does worry me regarding the need for rain. As you, freshly dripped coffee is “the best” although Peet’s is more of a favorite than “Sonoma Best.” Seeing Martha and Sosa nestled together is a true blessing as animals appreciate those small things given to them with great love – what you have given to them with their comfortable beds. Totally, “peaceful essence” is what keeps our spirits moving.


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