The Gentler Side of Life

Winter Robin
Winter Robin (Photo credit: Mulletar)

Winter is here.  The fog rolls in on this early morning.  The air is chilly with temperatures hovering below 40 degrees.  Burr…

Like the birds and the vineyards, I go inward to restore my mind, body and soul, wanting only to engage in the kind, simple and gentle acts of life: taking a hot bath, making homemade soups, holding my child at night, listening to a friend, reading a book by the fire, writing about wine, writing about life, being there for family, reading up on birds and flowers, reminding myself to place my undivided attention on nature, beauty, the gentler things.

Have I not had enough of the violence on the news?  Have I not had enough of the noise coming from human opinion and angst?  I turn the t.v. off.  I turn the negativity off.  I turn to nature and her peaceful ways.

I look out the window on this cold, wintry day, and mother nature whispers, “slow down, take a breath, choose where you want to spend your time, your days, be with me.  Don’t look outside yourself for meaning and purpose, the seed of intention lies inside, like a flower.”

Life is a choice.  Each act is a choice.  I choose the simple, the gentle, the peaceful, the organic ways to grow.

My New Year’s resolutions are different this year.  I choose to create rather than strive/struggle. I choose to be still, rather than over-do and over-worry.  I choose to have faith and trust as I watch my children direct their own lives.  I choose to move deliberately, rather than run around rashly. I choose to be patient rather than hasty. I choose to live on the gentler side of life where there is room to breathe, listen to the hidden music of nature and smile, letting my life unfold and blossom naturally.

Spring Blossoms
Spring Blossoms (Photo credit: elycefeliz)

“Learn to become still.
And to take your attention away from what you don’t want,
and all the emotional charge around it,
and place your attention on what you wish to experience”
~Rev. Michael Beckwith

(From Elena’s Inspirations