Living with Purpose

Living in the wine country, I am keenly aware of the changing seasons.  6764_10151511040733376_699860311_n Bud

In spring, the buds on our vines are exploding pink with color, living with purpose, and slowly preparing to produce fruit.  With a little help from the wine makers, the grapes turn to wine.

The Jasmine is in bloom, offering a sweet fragrance into the spring air.

Jasmine flower
Jasmine flower (Photo credit: snopek)

The birds are singing, foraging for seed and making their nests for their babies.  Nature lives with purpose.

I know I am no different.  If I trust my place in this life, if I create and produce with the energy given me, then I too naturally serve a role on this earth.  I do this through my writing, parenting, and role as servant leader.  I do this through my gardening, cooking, and reading of good books.  I live fully by being a good friend, mother, daughter and sister.

Life gives life and so the story goes, until it is no more.  As Emily Dickinson once wrote, “That it will never come again is what makes life so sweet.”  Living with a sense of purpose is the continuity we seek, need and desire until we can no longer bear the fruits of our labor and bloom into being.

Adversity comes when there is interruption.  We struggle to reroot when a friend dies at a young age of cancer, when a child dies before a parent, when one quits a job or gets fired, or when one gives up their passion for living too soon.

Nature doesn’t like interruptions and neither do humans, but we do like change.  We must grow and transform to be fully human.  And when they’re interruptions, we reroot, we reinvent, we inspire one another with our new blooms.