Harvest Time: 5 Ways to Transform Your Life

It’s harvest time, and during the Fall season in the wine country, great changes are at hand, at the hands of Mother Earth, the winemaker, and the wine lover.

6764_10151511040733376_699860311_n Bud008When the grapes are picked, ready to turn to wine, I claim humans are not much different than those lovely robust clusters of fruit dangling on the vine, waiting to be picked, waiting to be changed.  Do we not have our own step-by- step process that if carefully followed we might reach our dreams, or goals, our highest state of being?

First, we must accept things the way they are.  Be with how things are.  Second, you must question why you want what you want? Is it to make your life better? Is it to escape where you are now? Accept. Adapt. Grow.

In an article for hiplatina, I was asked to write on the subject of alchemy, on the ways you can change your life more organically, rather than from the usual ‘looking outside yourself'” approach.  I wrote it from the perspective of a small town winemaker during harvest time.  I would love to share this article with you, Harvest Time: 5 Ways to Transform Your Life  here. Just click on the link and see if this natural path of change resonates with you.  And while you’re reading, have a delicious glass of wine along the way.

Cheers!  To life!