Sunday Morning Funnies

Dear readers,

I hope you get a “Giggle and a Grip” out of my Sunday Morning Funnies. (And if you don’t there’s always the news.) Monicas iphone photos 418

I like to pretend that Sundays are my lazy days, a time to regroup, recharge, and reboot when I’m by myself, or with my colorful family and friends (you know who you are).

The words, regroup, recharge, and reboot place an emphasis on the prefix “re-“, which means “back” or “again”; and according to, ‘re’ appears in hundreds of English vocabulary words. For example: reject, regret, or revert. Hmmm…I prefer my re-words, don’t you? How about rejoice? That’s good one.

Like my dog, Ella, she knows how to do it.

Fall 2016 009

Sigh. I wish I could be more like her. She’s a master at the Art of Doing Nothing. And I mean nothing. Zippo. Zilch. She’s not even aware of her god-given gift! Talk about unfair!

Then, there’s my cat, Shelby. She doesn’t engage me much when I’m busy running around. She just looks up and yawns, as if to say. “Get a grip, will ya?” In fact, she doesn’t give a rats-ass (actually she might if it’s a rat), if I rest or not. Why would she?

She’s too busy cleaning my room, doing the laundry, and paying my bills.

Monicas iphone photos 673

As for my Sunday Tips:

  • Make time for a power nap.
  • Don’t under-estimate the power of ignore.
  • And the next time you think you hear your pets talking to you, see a doctor!

Note: And no, I’m not a cat person, or a dog person. I’m a Muppet person.

Happy Sunday my friends!

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