Tapping out

I have been following Hoarded Ordinaries for years now. I wanted to share her site with my beautiful readers. I loved reading about your father. Such a beautiful story. Thank you.

Hoarded Ordinaries

This past Monday night, less than a week after my parents’ 65th anniversary, my Dad died after a long illness. The news that he had passed came as both a relief and a shock.

My Dad was a humble man. In his final months, he let us know he wanted to be cremated without fuss, funeral, or even the attention of an obituary. My Dad was a graduate of St. Thomas Aquinas High School in Columbus, Ohio, and his biggest life accomplishment was supporting a wife and four daughters on a bread-truck driver’s salary.

My Dad was raised in a large Italian-American family, and each of his siblings had at least one son who was a state champion wrestler. It was a point of ribbing among his siblings that my Dad didn’t have any sons to carry on the DiSabato family dynasty. My Dad took some solace when I…

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Hello on this Sacred Tuesday

I haven’t written for quite a while on this blog site, and for that I am sorry.  Life has been anything but simple, but it can be if I discipline my mind and behavior. (I say to myself). Something has called me back here on this Tuesday morning where all is quiet on the western front. I cherish the silence and contemplative life where I can be with my heart and thoughts with you.

As I look out my window, the Morning Glories greet me along the porch rails. My dog Ella waits at my feet until it’s time for our daily walk along the back roads of Sonoma where I am sure to bump into a familiar face, a neighbor happy to say hello.

I know I’m not alone in this room of my own. I like the idea of you being out there about to start your day too, me here at my writing desk, sharing in an intimate exchange on this Sacred Tuesday.

I breathe in and out, and savor these precious moments, wondering if you might be doing the same? Each day is so unique and short-lasting. And as Stephen King said, “Life can turn on a dime.”

I have made a home here, among the ripening grapes, the growing garden, and the stoic Redwood trees, but more, I have made a home in my soul. I may just be “a Soul in Sonoma,” but who says I need to be more? I sense the timelessness in the air, in the start of a new day.

“Your True Home Is the Here and Now,” Thich Nhat Hanh, Zen Master & Activist writes this in Lion’s Roar magazine. He talks about the 5 Practices to Nurture Happiness, and how to find one’s true home. 1. Letting go. 2. Inviting Positive Seeds. 3. Mindfulness-Based Joy. 4. Concentration and 5. Insight. He says, “We each have many kinds of ‘seeds’ lying deep in our consciousness. Those we water are the ones that sprout, come up into our awareness, and manifest outwardly. ”

As I think about his wise words, I water my soul seeds by connecting with each of you through my writing. It’s a simple act, but a good one: true, fun and genuine.

I wish you peace and joy on this Sacred Tuesday. May you find what fills your soul tank. Thank you for being in my life.