Sunday Morning Pages

The mornings are my favorite time of the day. Usually, all is quiet with my dog Ella at my feet and calico cat, Shelby snoozing on my reader’s chair. They pay no mind to what I am doing as I sit to write. Secretly, they are waiting for their morning walk or breakfast.

This is the hour that I take a little time for myself before I give to others. My mind settles down the moment I glance out of my office window. The day is starting out just fine, in my eyes. I’d like to keep it that way

“A mind too active is no mind at all,” says Theodore Roethke, one of my favorite poets. I can’t argue this truth, but I don’t know if it’s all that easy.

And yet, here in my home on this little corner plot of land breathes a different kind of world–one that I can fully call my own filled with simplicity, stillness, order, hope, and peace. Out my window, the pumpkin on the porch rail sits quietly and offers me comfort, color and its stoic presence. The maple trees have fully dropped their leaves, given the recent winds, and stand naked before me. I witness their surrender to seasonal change, vulnerability and strength. As winter nears, I would like to follow their lead and go inward to rest, restore and write.

I don’t think I will mind growing into old age as long as there are books to read and pages to write each day. Of course, that is, as long as I have my pets at my feet and birds at the feeders. I just love having them all around as they welcome me gladly without condition. Every day, I check my finch sock to make sure its filled with seed. They come in record number to cluster around the sock, or take a drink from the bird bath.

This image reminds me of a woman artist named Alexandra Sanders. She calls herself “The Lady Who Loves Birds.” (That’s what her business card says), and I thought, I do too. I have to get to know her.

The above image is an original Batik designed for her gratitude journals. (Awww. Gratitude–how sweet the sound). She’s a water-colorist, photographer, and digital designer. She creates greeting cards, calendars, totes and so much more. I knew she was a kindred spirit when I met her, and perhaps she will be for you too? You can find her at

Her art is life giving. I hope my simple words to you provide the same nourishment. May life be kind and glorious to you on this Sacred Sunday.