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A Kiss of Bliss

Autumn Trees
Autumn Trees (Photo credit: Andrew Griffith)

This time of year has me head over heels in love with life.  The leaves are turning a bright red and orange, ultimately surrendering to the ground with grace.  The grapes are plump and purple, bursting with flavor, wanting to be touched and plucked off the vine.  The day starts to cloud over, the rain starts to fall softly. With humility, the word that comes to me is awe.

The definition of awe is: a mixed feeling of reverence, fear and wonder.  For me, to stand in awe before the heavens is to embrace life with a presence, a stilled concentration that is grounded in an appreciation for what we have, who we are, and what we offer this world.

Every morning when I wake up, I feel I have been given a second chance at life.  Another chance to soak in the moments, if by chance I had missed anything the day before.  Second chances, they are abundant, full of forgiveness and newness whether we are 1 or 90 years of age.  We begin again.  We are forever young.  We go full circle.

No matter the season, winter, spring, summer or fall, I ask in meditation, what does it mean for us to fall in love with life regardless of the challenges?

What is it that makes us feel a sense of awe at the dawning of a new day, or peace at the falling of night.  What gives us that sense of wonder? Is it a glimpse at the ocean, a walk down a narrow path filled with maples and old stone, is it a kiss of bliss that comes with a hug, an embrace, a prayer, a delicious breeze?

I know falling in love with life looks different for each and every one of us, but when we tap into this awe-inspiring, simple truth every day, it sure feels right and eternal.

Autumn Deepens My Acceptance

Vineyard in Napa Valley
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As the Autumn leaves turn color and fall gracefully to the ground, I surrender to nature’s call to let go of what no longer serves me and allow new moments to take shape, deepening my acceptance of life and soaking in the beauty of the here and now. 

With the rain, I feel Fall’s rhythm take hold.  She moves in, moves out, moves through me, emptying my soul and mind of attachments and illusions–what life should be rather than deeply understanding life’s perfection as she is. 

Like Fall, I am dropping my leaves, becoming barren as I clear each room of possessions I no longer need.  Slowly, I am moving back in with precious things–just a number of books, plants, photos, candles, my dog Jeb, my cats, Sosa, Amber and Max. 

I think of Judith A. Lawrence’s poem, and like her, I resonate with Fall.

I shall be Autumn
this Halloween,
with leaf draped skirt,
and folds of
boysenberry velvet wine
flowing to the ground.

Brown stained face,
eyes rimmed in gold,
nails dripping sunset,
a crown of twigs
to cover my head.

You may gather from me
the spring of my youth,
my summer of maturity,
and hold onto with me,
the solace of these days
of remembering
before the frost.

What is it about Autumn that makes you accept life on her terms?